Start your day by giving thanks for what you have and your life will change for the best.

“When you get up, it’s important to do a ritual that feels good to you, to say something to yourself that makes you feel good.
“LIFE LOVES ME” is a good start. It’s a very comfortable thing to say. Then, make sure what you eat for breakfast is comforting—something delicious and good for you. Nourish your body with a good morning meal; and nourish your mind with good, comforting thoughts.”
Right out of bed, we can all use the power of affirmations to set up the day in the best possible way. Here are a few examples of what you can say to yourself as you go through your morning:

When you first wake up and open your eyes:

Good morning, bed, thank you for being so comfortable. I love you.








Darling [your name], this is a blessed day.

All is well. I have time for everything I need to do today.”

Excerpt From: Louise L. Hay and Cheryl Richardson. “You Can Create an Exceptional Life.”


10 ways to create an exceptional life.

Louise Hay e Cheryl Richardson, are the living proof that loving our selves and practicing positive thinking every day can create an exceptional life.

These are the 10 principals:

1. Answer the phone and open the mail: Today so many people want fast success. But, if we respond to what life presents us, I think the most powerful work we do happens gradually over time. It’s almost as though we don’t realise it’s happening. Life is continually tapping us on the shoulder, and if we just pay attention and do what’s before us, we’re likely to find the right path.

2. Simplicity: Focus on small, simple and manageable steps instead of making things complicated.

3. Optimism: Put attention and energy towards solutions rather than focusing on problems.

4. Patience: Experience the journey fully and consciously rather than rushing to achieve a particular result.

5. Trust: Learn to trust Life by seeing the perfection and opportunity for growth in all our experiences.

6. Growth: View life as a classroom where we use our experiences as catalysts for change and self-

7. Service: Focus more on how we can best encourage and assist those in need, as opposed to getting lost in our own personal vision and quest for success.

8. Action: Make a commitment to show up and walk through the doors that Life opens for us on our journey.

9. Faith: Be willing to take chances and keep moving forward without knowing the outcome.

10. Magnetism: Develop and tap into the ability to attract what we need by putting (and keeping) ourselves
in the right state of mind.



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